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Alhamdu-Lillah in the year 1432 ah (06 Sep 2012) in WahCantt, Dist. Rawalpindi Punjab (Pakistan), G R Foundation(G.R.F), started under the leadership of Hazrat’e Allama Moulana Asif Mahmood Madani  and a few companions to begin the work of this Foundation. As a result of the blessings and bestowals of Allah, the favoring of The Holy Prophet, in few years this foundation make a history,

Here are some Reviews


The G.R.F is engaged in the task of constructing Masajid and rehabilitations, and is using millions of rupees in this job. Alhamdu-Lillah   the time of this writing, more or less 10 Masajid have been constructed. The G.R.F also manages 26 Masajid’s Management Systems.

Recent The G.R.F is constructing “Jamia Masjid Faizan-e-Mustafa in Wah Model Town phase 2 Wahcantt.

Jamia Faizan-e-Ghos-o-Raza

Alhamdu-Lillah  In “Wahcantt” A huge University by the name of Jamia Faizan-e-Ghos-o-Raza Established by G.R.F, from where many Students completed the course of “Dars-e-Nizami” (Islamic Scholar Course) and now are spreading the Sunnah in different Cities of Pakistan as well as different countries of the world. In this University all students education, food, medical and other expenditures provided by G.R.F.

Now Due to lack of space the G.R.F purchased 4.5 Kanal (24,480 sq.) land in 9 million PKR for this university. (Till now 4 Million is still Left to pay)


Alhamdu-Lillah   the time of this writing, more or less 12 Madaris-e-Ghos-o-Raza are serving in Punjab & KPK Pakistan, and we are working to open Madaris as well as all over Pakistan.

In these Madaris Thousands of students are learning Quran Reading (Nazra), Hifz-ul-Quran, Basic Islamic Learning (Zaroriyat e Deen) etc. In these Madaris all students education, food, medical and other expenditures provided by G.R.F.

G Quran Learning

In a similar context, G.R.F has established a new department with the name of “G Quran Learning” International Institute of online Quran Learning. This department aims to teach the Holy Quran according to the principles of Arabic phonetics to all those Islamic brothers and sisters who live abroad and furthermore, this department aims to provide them with knowledge and understanding of Islamic teachings as well. اَلْـحَمْـدُ لـِلّٰـه عَزَّوَجَلَّ This department are to open the classes of Hifz, Dars-e-Nizami (Islamic scholar course), special courses for newly reverted Muslims and the teaching of the Urdu language.(www.gquranlearning.com)

Schooling System

Pioneers Grammar School, is a School System, has set an objective of improving conventional academic studies. Primarily the system was built to educate the upcoming generation through providing the quality modern schooling under the fold of Shari’ah. Availability of basic formal education to every child with clear religious guidelines was an objective of the planning team. Apart from following the regular curriculum, we focused on the character building of students to equip them with high moral values and confidence. (www.pioneersgrammaeschool.com)


By the grace of Allah, we are serving the poor and the distressed people of our society. We are part of a society where the majority of the people residing in villages and towns are living below the poverty line and even deprived of the basic necessities of life.

Alhamdu-Lillah  we provide poor families Food, Clean Drinking water, Small Loans for needy people to stand their small business and basic needs for a family. We provides needy students Scholarship, tuition fee, books and guideline. As well as on Eid-ul-Adha we conduct “Ijtimai Qurbani” and the meat distribute to the poor families. Also on disasters always we are on the front line to help victims as we can.   

Donate Us

Alhamdu-Lillah  we are serving people in different fields and also because of short of money we are not able to give more services in Masajid, Jamiat, Education and charity field.

We need your help with the shape of your Zakat, sadaqaat, Fitra and charity. (May Allah bless you & your family with health and wealth. Ameen Suma Ameen)

G R Foundation

Jamia Faizan e Ghos o Raza Wah Model Town opp. Shah Alam CNG, GT Road Wahcantt, Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan

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